#LetsGiveFood is an initiative by IndyLogix Solutions that aims to help the disadvantaged section of the society with a proper meal, which otherwise is almost inaccessible to them.

“Let's Give Food” is a Non-Profit, philanthropic initiative by IndyLogix Solutions. With this noble gesture, IndyLogix aims to serve the unprivileged segment of the society for whom a proper meal is a luxury.

Despite the best efforts and initiatives of the Government, the various offered benefits do not yet reach the people at the lower rung of the economic ladder. Children are the ones who are the most affected as they get quickly malnourished. It is essential to ensure that the future leaders of our country who will hail from this generation have access to healthy food.

“Let's Give Food” was started by Mr. Pankaj Wagh, founder of IndyLogix Solutions, one of the leading IT Solutions Provider in India. Under this program, children from poor families are taken out to a close by eatery have a meal of healthy and nutritious food.

A large part of the success of this program is due to the generous and kind contributions of various customers of IndyLogix, who have been more than happy to help and be a part of this noble gesture.

This is an ongoing and continuous program, where children are taken out for a healthy meal on the first, third and fifth Saturdays of each month.

IndyLogix hopes that in the years to come, they will be able to add more children under this feeding program and extend this benefit to as many children as possible.

IndyLogix is in deep gratitude to all clients without whom this initiative wouldn’t have been made possible. We also hope that more people can relate to this great cause and can contribute to this program in whichever way possible to them.

With “Let’s Give Food”, IndyLogix sure seems to be living true to the saying of “Let's be the change we wish for”!

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  • Lets Give Food
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  • Thank You Margaret and Thank You Alex for your Contributions!
  • We hope this small initiative would encourage our friends, families and others to contribute and help the children in need!