#LetsGiveFood is an initiative by IndyLogix Solutions that aims to help the disadvantaged section of the society with a proper meal, which otherwise is almost inaccessible to them.

60 Years since freedom and still millions of people go to sleep without a proper meal in India. The so called " Great Development, Rapid Growth and Improving Standards of Living Statistics" are all good on paper but the ground realities are completely different. Only a handful of section in our society has access to neat and clean food. Multi National Chain Restaurants are making millions everyday in India as the Middle class income grows, while those who cant even afford a meal are forced to beg right outside such restaurants. Eating in Mcdonalds or Subway has become a luxury in India as the poor can never afford this food.

Lets Give Food is an initiative by IndyLogix Solutions to give this section of society, a taste of this so called "luxirious food" and bring a smile to their face.

  • Lets Give Food

  • Lets Give Food
  • Lets Give Food

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  • Thank You Margaret and Thank You Alex for your Contributions!
  • We hope this small initiative would encourage our friends, families and others to contribute and help the children in need!